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A new internet radio station based in Limerick City LíR Media TV kindly did an interveiw with me.

Pat Barry was the host and the interveiw is below.

LíR Confidential, presented by Pat Barry on LíR Media.TV. The show was edited and produced by Mary Honan.

Sad news yet very understandable. 

Our hope is to perform ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ play at the Brighton Fringe which is intended to happen in either September or October instead this year.

Breaking News
Holy wow!!!

On Sunday January 26th, 8pm at the Barn in Hotel Doolin the World Tour of ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ will begin.
Please come by to give a middle finger to the MAN, to help local artists and most importantly to laugh cry and enjoy yerselfs!
Thanks to the Doolin Writers Weekend for inviting us to be part of their brilliant festival.

The board of Directors of Ballycartoon Productions had the year end board meeting today in the Doolin highlands.
Delighted to announce that they will be touring the World with our play The Only Punk Rocker in the Village in 2020.
The World Tour of Clare will be the beginning …more details to follow
Brilliant Photo by Joan O’ Hanrahan

Tom Dunne of Newstalk radio does an interview with Dermott Petty the writer & performer of the One Person play ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ Tom did the radio interview on Thursday October 24th 2 days before the Irish premiere of ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ in the Royal Spa hotel in Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare, Ireland. The play was directed by Joan O’Hanrahan

Tom Dunne’s Radio show…

Last weekend we had an extraordinary Irish premier of the play ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village‘ at the Royal Spa Hotel in Lisdoonvarna.
A massive Thanks to everyone who attended, those who supported us, to Ann and John Doherty of the Royal spa. For Mark Douf for his help.
To my family, my mother Teresa Petty & Kathleen Gibbons for front of house.
For the mighty Tech crew of Sinéad HeaveyBarry Dillon & Rúairí Murdiff .
And to the Director..the brilliant Director who fleshed out every possible nuance, story and craft from the play along with the performance. Joan O’ Hanrahan you were patient, strong and visionary.
I am so happy, so grateful so humbled

The Only Punk Rocker in the Village
Warning a Punk Rocker has been seen in the Village
The finger of Punk Rock love

“Everything Goes” with Stax Green, Mike Curran, Debbie Green and Caroline McGrath , speaking to Dermot Petty about his stage play ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ playing in The Royal Spa Hotel in Lisdoonvarna on October 26th & 27th at 8pm

Our play ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ is having its Irish premier in Lisdoonvarna when it will be playing in The Royal Spa Hotel in Lisdoonvarna on October 26th & 27th at 8pm

On October 26th & 27th at the Royal Spa Hotel in Lisdoonvarna, Co Clare at 8pm, will be the Irish Premiere of the play ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’.
’The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’  is a new play by North Clare native Dermott Petty The play is set in North Clare in the late 1970’s where a teenagers discovery of Punk Rock turns his life upside down and causes consideration, shock and misunderstanding with his parents, his community and his friends. The setting is in the village of Lisdoonvarna, where a tight-nit, conservative,  traditional based community is invaded by this new foreign phenomenon Punk Rock. In the village however there is only 1 Punk rockers.  The one punk rocker in the village has notions of rebellion, grandeur and turning the world upside down.
The origins of the play began from a poem of Dermott Petty’s tilted ‘When Punk Rock Came to North Clare’  that was  published by Revival Press in Limerick. The play will be directed by Joan O’Hanrahan and will be performed by Dermott Petty.

This summer  ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ play had its World Premiere as part of the Barnstable Fringe Theatrefest in Barnstable, North Devon, England.

Lovley article by Paudie McMahon on our film ‘The Waiting is Over’ in the Clare Echo newspaper

Culture Night Doolin 2019 took place last night at Doolin Cave. 
An amazing night of films, Opera and music.
Thanks to the Audience for attending, to the Artists Joan O’ HanrahanAmazing Films, Barry Dillon mysterious music & Dermott Petty, the singers Parel Pegler and Robert Little Doolin Cave for hosting it and Rúairí Murdiffand Sinéad Heavey for techin the show brilliantly and Mark Douf for helping setting up.
Heart filled with happiness Culture NightClare Culture Night#CultureNight2019

Performing the Opera ‘Body of Water’ the singers in silute Parel Pegler & Robert Little — with Robert Little and Parel Pegler in Doolin. — with Parel Pegler and Robert Little in Doolin.

The Artist’s pose heroically before Culture Night Doolin 2019 — with Joan O’ Hanrahan Dermott Petty and Barry Dillon in Doolin.

After performance ‘Body of Water’ Culture Night Doolin 2019 — with Robert Little in Doolin.
Screening of Joan O’ Hanrahan brilliant films — in Doolin.

Audience gathering before ‘Body of Water’ Films & Opera performance

Chatting about Art Culture Night Culture Night Doolin 2019 — in Doolin.
Barry Dillon composer of the music for the films and ‘Body of Water’ Opera
Chatting after ‘Body of Water’ films and Opera — in Doolin.
Culture n laughter
Singers performing ‘Body of Wate’r Opera segment

This year’s Doolin event, Body of Water Opera, is a segment of a new Electro Acoustic Opera set in Doolin in 1968. Music by Barry Dillon with the book and lyrics by Joan O Hanrahan and Dermott Petty. O Hanrahan and Petty will also include film and photography for the opera.

Body of Water Opera segment Culture Night 2019 Doolin
Photo by Joan O’Hanrahan

This weekend August 25th in Waterville in Co Kerry our short film ‘The Waiting is Over’ will be playing as part of the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival.

3 look out.jpg

Produced & Art Direction Joan O’ Hanrahan
DOP & Editor Philip Shanahan
Starring Keith BogueJames Raleigh & Michael Cancavan
Shoot in Logh Bunny in the heart of the Burren on a Sunday safernoon.
All Clare talent and locations

Our play ‘The Only Punk Rocker in the Village’ is to make its World Premier at the Barnstable Fringe Festival in Devon, in England. The play will have 3 performances, the first on June 27th.

Poster for the Barnstable Fringe FestivaL
Poster for Barnstable Fringe Theatrefest

We need funds for our journey so please help if you can. Every donation and sharing is greatly appreciated.

Great news!

Aaretaler Kurzfilmtage 2019 in Switzerland has invited ‘The Waiting is Over’ film to be part of their Film Festival next November.

Well done to James Raleigh, Joan O’ Hanrahan, Michael Canavan, Keith Bogue Philip Shanahan and da Ginger fella.

Dermot Hayes from the radio show Radio Beams kindly did an interview with myself on the different productions of Ballycartoon…/radio-beams-stage-and-silver-sc…/ …

Culture Night Sept 21st a great success at Doolin Cave

Ballycartoon was proud to be part Culture Night 2018 on Friday, September 21st at Doolin Cave in Doolin Co Clare. The night was a great success at a most excellent venue Doolin Cave.

Ballycartoon were delighted with the evening. There were 25 very happy punters who enjoyed the 3 Portraits created by Joan O’Hanrahan.

They audience also saw the  5 films and animations which were made by Ballycartoon screened.

The evening was then ended with a performance/reading of Dermott Petty’s new play ‘When Punk Rock Came To North Clare’

The photographic portraits by Joan ‘Hanrahan, along with the films and animations of Ballycartoon and the theatre by Dermott Petty all shared the same vision of capturing the many Sub genres to be found in the Burren.

There was also a lively Question & Answers with the artists and the audience afterwards which was most enjoyable. The photos of the night were taken by the marvellous tech crew for the evening Aoife Petty and Orlaith Petty.

Culture Night 2018 Doolin

Ballycartoon Productions are involved with Culture Night 2018

‘Burren Sub Cultures’ Photo Exhibition, 5 Films & a Play ‘When Punk Rock came to North Clare’

‘Burren Sub Cultures’ series of portraits photography exhibition by Joan O’Hanrahan.

5 films set in North Clare.

A play – ‘When Punk Rock came to North Clare’ – set in the 1970’s, a teenager’s discovery of punk rock turns his life upside down causing shock and misunderstanding with his parents, community and friends.

Photo by Joan O’Hanrahan

Braquage de banque or Bankrobbery 101 A mysterious woman explains how to commit the perfect Bank heist Staring Joan O’Hanrahan, Barry Dillon Scenario by Dermott Petty Shot with a mobile phone in Doolin and Lahnich in Co Clare, Ireland Thanks to Shadow the Cat, Rosie O’Handgreade, Eoin & Niamph Petty and Joe’s Cafe Ballycartoon Productions (c) 2018

The good people at Clare FM radio recently did an interview with Ballycartoon Productions founder and resident Ginger Filmmaker Dermott Petty on the radio show Morning Focus with Gavin  Crace.

Many thanks to Gavin and the show’s producer Fiona McGarry

The Good the Bad & The Sean Nós Dancer

In a West of Ireland village, a Stranger finds out that only certain people are allowed to Dance.

The Stranger is robbed of his donkey ‘Misty’

The film “The Good The Bad & The Sean Nós Dancer” is a is a Spaghetti Western with Sean Nós Dancing and dubbed in Irish (in the style of Spaghetti Westerns) The Irish voices is done by Michael Canavagh and Joan O’Hanrahan. Starring IN ‘The Good The Bad & the Sean Nós Dancer’ is the Irish Dancing Sean Nós Dancie champion and Dance teacher Gerard Butler.

The film also stars Colin Butler who plays the Sheriff, Anne Marie Neiligan who plays the Cowgirl, Keith Bogue plays the Bandito, Gerard Howard plays the Cobbler, Lorna Bogue plays the Bar fly and Andy Grindrod plays the Dance Commissioner.

The Stranger, & Cowgirl & the Cobbler

Dermott Petty’s thesis post graduate inspired media madness (MA in Creative Media at IT Tralee) is a Spaghetti Western film with Sean Nos Dancing titled ‘The Good The Bad & The Sean Nós Dancer’ This is a Spaghetti Western where Irish is dubbed in after shooting the film in English, which is a copy of what Spaghetti Westerns used to do. They would shoot the film in either Italian or Spanish and then would dub the film in English in the editing. The Irish voices is done by Michael Canavagh and Joan O’Hanrahan. Written, Directed and Produced as part of the MA In Creative Media at the Institute of Technology Tralee, in Co Kerry, in the Republic of Ireland.

This film was created to illustrate the vibrancy of how a folk culture survives in an ever-changing world by adopting, re-jigging, interpreting, and by its creation making the outside popular culture work for the existing yet constantly altering folk culture. It is homage to genre films, folk cultures and an exploration of post modernism.

Is Spaghetti Western é ‘an Good, The Bad & The Sean Nós Dancer’ le damhsa Sean Nós agus tugtar ainm ar an nGaeilge as an mBéarla.

The Good Ship Delerius Music Video Cartoon

Ballycartoon are proud to present the latest cartoon, a music video of the song ‘The Good Ship Delerius’ for the legendary singer/songwriter Mick Hanly (Moving Hearts).

Animation is by James Nolan and the Director is Dermott Petty.

The Good Ship Delirious’ is a song from Mick Hanly’s new album ‘Homeland’ which was released in 2016 on the Celtic Connection record label. On the recording of the song ‘The Good Ship Delirious’ Mick is joined by the legendary musician Dónal Lunny.
‘The Good Ship Delirious’ is Mick Hanly’s amusing song on the tale of a man attempting to escape his everyday reality, Ballycartoon have created this quirky animation of the song. The animation is by James Nolan and the Director is Dermott Petty.
For more information on the album Heartland please visit

The Good Ship Delirious

The Good Ship Delirious sails away
The Good Ship Delirious sails away


The Crab Choir
The Crab Choir

We will be working on a new stop motion animation this summer titled ‘The Fairy Police’

In addition, we are working on a live action film ‘Time Travel & The Leaving Cert’

The Fairy Police will be shooting in August of 2017