In a West of Ireland village, a Stranger finds out that only certain people are allowed to Dance.

The film “The Good The Bad & The Sean Nós Dancer” is a is a Spaghetti Western with Sean Nós Dancing and dubbed in Irish (in the style of Spaghetti Westerns) The Irish voices is done by Michael Canavagh and Joan O’Hanrahan.

Starring in ‘The Good The Bad & the Sean Nós Dancer’ is the Irish Dancing Sean Nós Dancie champion and Dance teacher Gerard Butler.The film also stars Colin Butler who plays the Sheriff, Anne Marie Neiligan who plays the Cowgirl, Keith Bogue plays the Bandito, Gerard Howard plays the Cobbler, Lorna Bogue plays the Bar fly and Andy Grindrod plays the Dance Commissioner.

The Stranger is robbed of his donkey ‘Misty’

’This is a Spaghetti Western where Irish is dubbed in after shooting the film in English, which is a copy of what Spaghetti Westerns used to do. They would shoot the film in either Italian or Spanish and then would dub the film in English in the editing. The Irish voices is done by Michael Canavagh and Joan O’Hanrahan.

The Stranger, & Cowgirl & the Cobbler

Written, Directed and Produced as part of the MA In Creative Media at the Institute of Technology Tralee, in Co Kerry, by Dermott Petty. This film was created to illustrate the vibrancy of how a folk culture survives in an ever-changing world by adopting, re-jigging, interpreting, and by its creation making the outside popular culture work for the existing yet constantly altering folk culture.

Bad guys be dancing the Sean Nós


It is homage to genre films, folk cultures and an exploration of post modernism. Is Spaghetti Western é ‘an Good, The Bad & The Sean Nós Dancer’ le damhsa Sean Nós agus tugtar ainm ar an nGaeilge as an mBéarla.  Through the creation of the hybrid film “The Good,The Bad and The Sean Nós Dancer” the question is been asked; can culture such as Sean Nós Dancing survive in a world dominated increasingly by mass Western culture? Can a story’s peculiar to one culture be told in a genre created in another culture, through a culture or technology that may not have existed or been available when a type of culture first emerged?


Through the execution of the hybrid film “The Good, The Bad and The Sean Nos Dancer” the question will be asked; can culture such as Sean Nos Dance survive in an world dominated increasingly by mass produced homogenised culture?