Time Travel & the Leaving Cert Feature Film 2022

‘Time Travel & the Leaving Cert’ is a feature film been made in 2022  in the villages of Doolin, Fanore and  Lisdoonvarna, in  Co Clare by Ballycartoon Productions. The director of Photography is Richard Lacy, the Editor is Philip Shanahan and the Production designer is Joan O’Hanrahan. The film is been produced by Keith Bogue and the Executive Producer is Bill Grantham.

Time Travel & The Leaving Cert’ film is a tale is of a student who comes across a wormhole that allows him to time travel. The film deals with perceptions of what students are supposedly capable of or not, the strange death like sentence the Leaving Cert Exams may appear to be to some students, amid the importance of following through and been true to your friends, family and most importantly your heart.

Mystery in the Burren or mitching from class?

This is the story of Eoin Kilmartin who is about to fail the Leaving Cert exams  in spectacular fashion. His Dad believes him to be a total planker; the girl of his dreams Lesley doesn’t know he exists; yet by the strangest of reasons he may be able to time-travel to enable him to cheat on the Leaving Cert exams.

Dermott Petty first wrote this as a screenplay. In 2014 he adopted it as a play for Limerick Youth Theatre as part of their summer show.

The ‘Time Travel & The Leaving Cert’ script had been longlisted by the BBC.

Here is a trailer from the Limerick Youth Theatre theatrical production of ‘Time Travel & the Leaving Cert’ in 2014

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